Successful Root Cause Analysis Training at Panasonic

The workshop entitled “Root Cause Analysis” last 13 to 14 February 2013 at Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC) in Taytay, Rizal was attended by 35 participants composed mainly of engineers from Panasonic and some of their suppliers and friends. Our consultant Rafael M. Pefianco MPM FAAP facilitated the two days training.

The program was sponsored by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) and organized through the joint efforts of Panasonic Regional Training Center – Singapore (PRTC) and PMPC.

Root Cause Analysis is a technique for identifying the underlying causes of why an incident occurred so that the most effective solutions can be identified and implemented. The aim is to prevent the occurrence of the problem in the future. For example, if your organization has a problem that keeps coming back despite your efforts to fix it, then perhaps you have not yet identified the root cause of the problem. The fixe4s you have implemented might be addressing only the symptoms of the problem and not yet the root cause. Root Cause Analysis is a structured approach to dig through the many reasons why a problem might occur and help you identify the root cause and prevent is a recurrence in the future.

It is typically used when something goes wrong, but it can also be used when something goes well. While Root Cause Analysis has been used by engineers in Manufacturing and Design for many years, non-engineering staff have also benefitted from learning how to apply this technique.

Mr. Rafael M. Pefianco MPM FAAP has successfully conducted this workshop for several clients who are in sales, logistics and distribution businesses.

Resource Speaker & Consultant

Rafael Pefianco

Mr. Rafael M. Pefianco MPM FAAP is a Mechanical Engineer and a highly respected practitioner in management training. He has worked both in the government and private sectors. He is an International trainer whose passion is to enable Filipino professionals to reach world class levels by sharing the insights he has gathered working and teaching abroad and in the Philippines.
He is a Mechanical Engineer by training, Master in Project Management. Click [Blackground of Raffy Pefianco] to read more about him.

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