Successful Lean and Six Sigma Overview in Cebu

By: Alliance Consulting

Last 02 October 2012 Alliance Consulting successfully conducted the Lean and Six Sigma Overview at the Alpa Suites Hotel in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. The participating companies came from the logistics, distribution, IT and BPO industries.

The seminar allowed the participants to explore both lean and six sigma methodologies so that they can decide which one might be most helpful to them in improving their performance. The overview included short lectures as well as hands-on exercises that demonstrated the power of both methods.

Why are these companies looking at ways to improve their performance? One reason is that with so many people investing in retail and food business, the competition is just keeps getting fiercer every day. These companies are now realizing that they need to greatly improve how they deliver their goods and services in order to survive. The main challenge is in how to maintain a healthy profit while at the same time offering attractive prices that will keep their customers loyal.

So, how do you do this? The answer lies in removing waste, in reducing the cost of distribution and in reducing inventory while still being able to maintain customer satisfaction.

Lean and Six Sigma have become the most popular process improvement strategies to answer this challenge. Lean focuses on gaining speed of delivery and removing all waste in an organization. Six Sigma, on the other hand, focuses on removing variation in order to increase quality. Implementing Lean and Six Sigma will give your organization a variety of tools and techniques that you can implement to measure and improve your company’s performance.

Alliance Consulting will be organizing another run of this seminar here in Cebu on November 2012. Please send us email at

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