Lean and Six Sigma KNOW ABOUT THEM!

May 24, 2014 (Saturday)
Venue: Cebu City

Category: Lean and Six Sigma

Obtain a working knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies. Understand how the concepts behind these two methodologies can increase your throughput, reduce defects and speed your response to changing customer demands.

Lean is a proven method for reducing waste in any process. It can help you speed up and deliver more with the same resources. Lean manufacturing means that your product is not too early and never late. Your inventory is not just-in-case inventory but just-in time for production and delivery. Your products are always made right the first time and your equipment always work when needed.

Six Sigma on the other hand is a proven management tool to eliminate defects and mistakes in everything a company does. Originally developed by Motorola in the 1980’s, it has since been implemented and benchmarked by numerous world class organizations such as GE, Caterpillar, Honeywell, ABB, Sony, Texas Instruments, Ford, Johnson Control Systems, etc. with the purpose of reducing variability in processes, reducing quality costs, improving process capability and enhancing process throughput yield.

WHEN TO USE Lean and Six Sigma

Lean is used mainly for optimizing daily operations and for looking for incremental improvements in performance. Six Sigma is used mainly to find solutions for hard to solve problems caused by variation. Used together, Lean and Six Sigma provide two very powerful tools to improve performance.

  • Become more customer focused
  • Simplify and standardize work flows
  • Minimize Work in Process
  • Use metrics
  • Use scorecards
  • Find lost capacity
  • Organize for JIT
An Introduction to Lean
  • A Quick History of Management
  • 5 Key Elements of Lean
  • Understanding Flow and Sequential Operations
  • Identifying and Eliminating Waste
  • How to ESIA (Eliminate, Simplify, Integrate and Automate)
  • The Major Components of Lean
  • How to conduct Value Stream Analysis
  • How to Apply 5S and Make it stick
An Introduction to Six Sigma
  • History and evolution
  • ŸWaste and Opportunity
  • ŸWhat is SIX SIGMA?
  • ŸCapturing VOC and its relevance
  • ŸSix Sigma Metrics
  • ŸScorecards
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders

The seminar uses a combination of lecture-discussion, sample skills exercises, case studies and workshop presentation to facilitate exchange of knowledge between participants and presenter.

Please bring your own Calculator, Netbook, or Laptop Computer with MS Excel (2007 or 2010) or Open Office installed in order to take part fully in the exercises.


Includes AM / PM Snacks, Lunch Buffet, Training Materials and a Certificate of Attendance

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Regular Rate: P6,000.00 + 12% VAT

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