Effective Supply Chain Management

April 10 – 11, 2013 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Venue: Alpa City Suites
Hernan Cortes corner F. Cabahug Street, Mandaue City, Cebu

“Understanding the concepts, tools and techniques to improve your warehouse, inventory, logistics and purchasing to improve your operations.”

Category: Leadership and Management

Supply chain refers to many movements and processes our products or services go through from your supplier until it get delivered to the final customer. Globalization has greatly increased the complexity of the supply chains. While this has added opportunities for improving performance, it has also increased the complexity of effective supply chain management and the need for deeper training in order to fully take advantage of the benefits new systems.

The processes involved in a supply chain include: planning and management of all activities involved in procurement, sourcing and all logistics management activities. The efficient management of these processes is crucial for the smooth day to day running and performance of your business.

In this seminar you will learn the concepts, tools and techniques to manage, control and improve your warehouse, inventory, logistics and purchasing operations. This is a two day seminar.

  • ŸLearn from an experienced expert practitioner and trainer
  • See photos from actual warehouse and logistics Operations
  • ŸReceive a CD of the presentation materials that will help you echo the seminar to your colleagues
  • Receive an updated set of templates that you can use immediately
  • ŸEnjoy the benefits of a small group size where the presenter can pay more attention to you and your unique needs
This course will show you how to devise a supply chain management strategy which delivers superior customer service, reduced operating costs and reduced working capital simultaneously. You will be able to do the following:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the issues affecting supply chain performance
  • ŸAnalyze your supply chain from your customer’s viewpoint and identify “value streams”
  • ŸIdentify areas of supply chain complexity and inflexibility
  • ŸCreate an action plan to implement improvements in you supply chain
Module I – Supply Chain Management
  • ŸWhat is Supply Chain Management
  • ŸCurrent Supply Chain Management StrategiesŸ
Module II – Inventory Management and Control
  • Inventory turnover and profitability of a business
  • ŸKey Inventory Indicators
  • ŸUnderstanding the Ideal Inventory Cycle
  • ŸWhen to Re-Order Stocks
  • ŸEstablishing Safety-Stock Levels
  • ŸUsing the 80/20 Rule to identify Fast, Slow and Non-Moving Items
  • ŸThe principles of Just in Time (JIT) Inventory Management
  • ŸIdentifying Profitable Stocks
  • ŸIdentifying Stocks with Regular Usage
  • ŸIdentifying Stocks with Sporadic Usage
  • ŸControlling Inventory
  • ŸInventory Control Tools
  • ŸCycle Counting Inventory
  • ŸABC Inventory Control
  • ŸForecasting your Inventory
  • Ÿ10 Ways to reduce inventory while maintaining superior customer service levels
Module – III Warehouse Management
  • ŸThe major warehouse challenges
  • ŸOptimizing the warehouse layout for improved flow
  • ŸImproving Binning Operations
  • ŸImproving Releasing Operations
  • ŸWarehouse Security
  • ŸImproving your Warehouse with 5S
  • ŸCreating a FMEA chart for your warehouse System
Module – IV Logistics Management
  • The Logistics Function
  • ŸTransportation Systems
  • ŸDeveloping your logistics strategy
  • ŸMapping your Logistics System
  • ŸAnalyzing and Optimizing your Logistics System
  • Creating a FMEA chart for your Logistics System
Module – V Purchasing Management
  • ŸThe Purchasing Function
  • ŸThe typical Price Abstract
  • ŸQuality: Looking Beyond the Price Abstract
  • ŸPrice Break Analysis: Calculating who really gives the best price
  • ŸEconomic Order Quantity (EOQ) Analysis
  • ŸCalculating Ordering Costs
  • ŸCalculating Holding Costs
  • ŸHow poor purchasing polices can easily add inventory in the warehouse
  • ŸCalculating the total cost of ownership
  • ŸDeveloping your supplier quality program

This seminar is specially designed for managers, supervisors and planners responsible for supply chain management, demand management, production planning, procurement planning, or stock control.


The seminar uses a combination of lectures, visual presentations, workshops, and group discussions. More emphasis is placed on workshops to allow the participants to learn the material presented in a fun and easy manner.


Includes AM / PM Snacks, Lunch, Training Materials and a Certificate of Attendance

Early Bird Rate: P8,000 (Deadline is on or before March 22, 2013 – Friday)
Regular Rate: P9,000

For inquiries and registration, kindly email info@allianceconsulting.biz. Thank you!