Effective Purchasing Skills

Venue: Cebu City

Category: Warehouse, Inventory, Purchasing and Logistics

Are your purchasers buying the best products at the cheapest price? In many businesses, significant additional short term profits are easily found following this philosophy. But have you looked at the cost to your business in the long term? Cheap inputs items usually mean lower quality output products that your clients will notice. If you do this enough times, they usually go look elsewhere for higher quality products even if it will cost them a little more.

In the many years I spent as a purchaser, I have across many instances where the cheapest is not necessarily the best purchase. Do your people have the skills they need to really compare prices and quality? What are your Key Performance Indices for your suppliers?

This course will teach your purchasing staff the skills they need to be able to purchase the products you need, in the quantity you need, in the quality you need, at the time you need it at the best price that they can get.

At the end of the seminar the participants should be able to:
  • Determine the total cost of ownership of the products they purchase
  • Choose the best products available
  • Identify the best supplier
  • Apply effective techniques for locating, choosing, negotiating with, and managing suppliers
  • The Purchasing Function
  • Understanding how savings in purchasing increases profits
  • Creating the Price Abstract: Calculating who really gives the best price
  • Quality: Looking Beyond the Price Abstract
  • Calculating Economic Order Quantity and optimum re-order points
  • How poor purchasing polices can easily add inventory in the warehouse
  • Calculating the total cost of ownership
  • Developing your supplier quality program
  • Purchasing staff
  • Supply chain staff
  • buyers, and
  • Businessmen looking for ways to cut costs and improve profit margins.

This seminar uses a combination of lectures, visual presentations, workshops and group discussions. More emphasis is placed on workshops to allow the participants to learn the material presented in a fun and easy manner. This is a hands-on course with a lot of exercises. Please bring your laptop or netbook so that you can take part in the exercises.

Please bring your own Calculator, Notebook or Laptop Computer.


Includes AM / PM Snacks, Lunch Buffet, Training Materials and a Certificate of Attendance

Early Bird Rate: P5,000.00
Regular Rate: P6,000.00

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