Basic Warehouse Operations and Inventory Control

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Category: Warehouse, Inventory, Purchasing and Logistics

The goal of warehouse operations is to satisfy your customers’ needs quickly and accurately while at the same time utilizing space, equipment, and labor effectively.

After the sales and marketing people have spent so much time and effort to sell the product, the focus now shifts to you and the warehouse. The goods must be in the quantity needed, easily accessible and well protected. Running out of stocks is simply disastrous.

Meeting this customer service goal requires constant planning, monitoring and adjusting to changes in demand. You need to know exactly where the goods are stored, how many you have left, do the paperwork and release them as quickly as possible.

Making a profit and staying in business depend on effective warehouse management and inventory control skills. This seminar will teach you these vital skills.
Rafael “Raffy” Pefianco MPM FAAPM
at Pagbilao Power Station
RMP Warehouse Operations

This seminar workshop teaches warehouse and inventory personnel the best practices in designing, operating and maintaining a well-organized warehouse. It also teaches tools and techniques to monitor and control inventory so that you can minimize overstocking while avoiding running out of stock. One of the greatest challenges faced by the modern warehouse is maximizing the use of available space while at the same time being able to quickly locate stock once it is requested.
Other challenges involve monitoring the very many SKUs the company has and making sure that you do not have too much inventory and still be able to meet customer demand.

Indeed effective warehouse management and inventory control are the keys to making a profit and sustaining and growing any business that involves storing and releasing stocks. This seminar will teach these important skills to your staff.

  • Learn from an experienced expert practitioner and international trainer
  • Receive a CD of the presentation materials that will help you echo the seminar to your colleagues
  • Receive an updated set of templates that you can use immediately
  • Enjoy the benefits of a small group size where the presenter can pay more attention to you and your unique needs
You will learn the best practices in maintaining a well-organized warehouse and effectively monitor stocks in a lean and just-in-time environment.
  • Learn to organize your warehouse better
  • Understand the min-max sytem for inventory
  • Apply 5S to better organize your warehouse
  • Monitor and count your stocks better and more accurately
  • The functions of the warehouse
  • The major warehouse challenges
  • The role and duties of the warehouseman
  • Optimizing the warehouse layout for improved flow
  • Improving Binning Operations
  • Improving Releasing Operations
  • Warehouse Security
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
  • Introduction to 5S in the Warehouse
  • Controlling Inventory
  • Ideal Inventory Cycle
  • Calculating Re-Order Points
  • Calculating Safety Stocks
  • Cycle Counting Inventory
  • The KPI’s to monitor operations

This is a hand’s on interactive course with short lectures and many simple exercises.


Includes AM / PM Snacks, Lunch Buffet, Training Materials and a Certificate of Attendance

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